Bellarri "Midnight Fantasy" 18K Ring
This is the first of this gemstone cut that we've ever had here on AFW, and it's an absolutely breathtaking piece. From the "Midnight Fantasy" Collection, this ring starts with a solid 18K white gold shank. Sitting atop is an 8.68 carat bullet & mystique cut, serrated-scalloped table Swiss Blue topaz. The color and depth are superb - Dawn and I actually took multiple rounds of photos because no matter how good the photos looked, the ring looks better in person. Flanking the bullet-cut Swiss Blue topaz are 2.00 carats of iolite, as well as ribbons of diamonds (13 points). The iolite is perfect - it's that splendid deep blue color that hints of tanzanite, while retaining the midnight blue hue, with wonderful clarity. Really, what other designer is doing this with colored gemstones these days? The top setting measures .75" long x .5" wide (just across the Swiss Blue topaz). The ring sits about .35" up off the finger. It's a size 7-7.25, right in between the two on our own sizing bar.