Bellarri "Romantica" Collection 18K White Gold, Mystique-Cut Amethyst & Diamond Ring

Since selling one of this style with blue topaz, we've been on the hunt for more of these rings in other colorways. We finally scored, finding one in white gold & amethyst. And we love the price points on these.

This design is beautiful because of the way it displays the large center stone, suspended bridge-style between the angled diamond settings on each side of the shank. It allows you to admire the amethyst not only from the top, but also the sides - you can see right down to the culet.

The center amethyst is a 4.05 carat, Mystique-cut "exploding center" beauty with scalloped table. It's crystal clear, and rich in hue - all photos were taken in natural light, so it will look just as beautiful to the naked eye. You can see how its personality changes as the viewing angle and lighting refraction angle shifts.

The sides of the shank are decorated with .64 more carats of round amethysts set cluster style. Notice the color match between the center stone and side rounds - there's perfect color flow as you look around the ring 360 degrees, without any distracting unwanted hue differential between the center stone and the side rounds.

Diamond count is 6 points, of F/G VS stones.

The ring measures .6" wide across the diamond settings, and .4" deep across the amethyst. It's a size 7, and sizing is available.