Bellarri "Romantica" 18K & Amethyst

Customers can always tell how much we love a particular Bellarri piece by the number of photos we include. We're big on giving customers varied looks with every item regardless, so we'll usually include 15-20 pictures with every piece. But for the ones we really love...we sort of go crazy like we did with this ring. Hence, the reason there are 32 photos down below!

After finding one of these in white gold with amethyst, we were thrilled to find the yellow gold version. It features a 3.51 carat al-natural earth-mined oval-cut amethyst with flat scalloped table, complimented by .64ct of round amethysts set cluster-style into both sides of the shank. Flanking the oval amethyst on top are white gold diamond-filled settings (7 points) holding the amethyst in place.

It measures .6" x .4" across the top setting, and it sits .25" up off the finger. It's a size 7, and sizing is available.