NEW ITEM - We've had trouble locating Bellarri smoky quartz lately, so we're glad to get this one in the door. From their "Midnight Fantasy" Collection, it starts with a huge 10.65 carat Mystique-cut, scalloped-table smoky quartz that measures by itself almost .7" wide across the top (remember that carat weight is a function of specific gravity as well as size dimensions, so while 10.65 might not sound like a huge number, it's a bigger stone than the number suggests). The smoky quartz has that perfect not-too-dark, not-too-light color, almost the color of milk chocolate but with wonderful clarity. Set below the smoky quartz are 1.02 carats of citrine, plus a full 18 points of diamonds round out the presentation. It's all set in solid 18K yellow gold, and it feels as substantial as it looks, weighing 11.2 grams. The ring measures .75" long (with the finger) across the top setting, .85" wide (across the finger) measured over the citrines, and it sits a full .45" up off the finger. It's a size 7, and sizing is available.