Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Citrine & Multi-Gemstone Ring

From Bellarri's "Lolita" Collection, this is a ring that begs to be examined from every angle.

Most buyers will come to this ring and be immediately drawn to the center stone, and with good reason. It's a 7.78 carat, all-natural Madeira citrine with unbelievably complex color and superb clarity featuring Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut. Even more complex than the color is the cut Bellarri utilized to accentuate the light refraction pattern - not only is the table flat, but the crown is scalloped in a two layer pattern with a combination of polygonal diamond shaped facets and triangular facets. This combination of faceting shapes creates a complex geometrical pattern of light and color presentation.

When you're done getting lost in the center stone, try to imagine the amount of work that went into cutting and setting all of the baguettes - of blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, rhodolite, peridot, iolite, green tourmaline and red garnet, 6.25 carats total - that create the galleries on all four sides of the ring. Those columns are not straight vertical - they curve in a gentle "S" shape, meaning the stones had to be cut accordingly, which if far more difficult than simply setting a straight line of square stones. Between the complex cut of the center stone, and the complexity involved in creating curving settings of baguettes on all sides, this ring is truly a work of art.

Capping the presentation are 22 points / .22ct of genuine VS white diamonds, covering the entire perimeter of the setting around the center citrine, as well as the corner prongs.

The setting of this ring measures .7" x .55" measured across the diamond setting, with a rise of .35" up off the finger. But don't let the medium-sized top setting fool you - if you measure this ring in terms of total footprint, across the side galleries, it's actually .85" x .95". And the ring weighs 14.4 grams, almost half an ounce.