Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Citrine & Multi-Gemstone Ring

From Bellarri's "Lolita" Collection, this is a piece that deserves attention as much for the little details as for that sweet center stone.

It starts with a solid 18K yellow gold shank and setting and features a large 7.33 carat faceted all-natural, earth-mined, untreated Madeira citrine at the center. This stone throws off hues of gold, tangerine and amber, with hints of red. Diamonds are set at all 4 corners.

Then running down the sides are not only an additional 1.35 carats of natural baguette gemstones including amethyst, garnet, topaz and periodot, but also a beautiful flowing filigree pattern that makes the ring as attractive from the sides as from the top. Including the diamonds set into the filigree - which decorates all 4 sides of the ring - the total diamond count is 14 points / .14ct.

The top setting measures .65" x .55" across the diamond corners, with a rise of .35" up off the finger. Shank size is 7, and sizing is available. Total weight is 9.6 grams, almost a third of an ounce.

Retail was over $5K, but we're offering this for only $1695.