Bellarri "Romantic Reflections" 18K Yellow Gold, Natural Amethyst, Multi-Gem & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Romantic Reflections" Collection, this ring represents a blast from the past for us. All the way back in early 2013, when we first started carrying Bellarri, we sold this ring in citrine and it was one of our earliest Bellarri sales. That ring sold for $1995 and we always assumed we'd see more along the way but never did.

Fast forward and 6+ years later we finally found another, this time in the amethyst colorway. To be clear, this is not a petite ring. It's not big, and it can be worn comfortably even on smaller hands, but in terms of setting complexity and carat weights it's definitely the kind of ring many women would consider a jewelry box centerpiece.

It features a tapering width solid 18K yellow gold band with a setting that measures .8" long (finger direction) x .7" across the top setting or a full 1+" fully across the shoulders. The setting rises almost .35" up off the finger and the ring weighs 12.4 grams, more than a third of an ounce. It's a standard Bellarri 7, never sold or sized, and sizing is available.

The top setting is ornate, and complex, and a conversation piece in every way. It features a stunning all-natural, earth-mined 6.19 carat faceted amethyst sitting on top of a bed of more natural gemstones including more faceted amethyst and rounded-edge trillions at every corner. And take note of the pairs of rounded-edge trillions decorating both sides of the band at the base of the setting (total additional carat weight 5.07ct). A full 21 points / .21ct of genuine F/G VS/SI white diamonds completes the presentation.

NOTE: We have a consignor with the matching amethyst earrings who will let them go on request, so if you're looking to make the set please contact us and we'll facilitate the whole thing for you.