Bellarri "Colors of Passion" 18K Amethyst, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Ring

Bellarri loves to show off her all-natural gemstone discoveries in funky, fun ways and this line of dangle rings, along with her spinners, are hugely popular with her fans. From the "Colors of Passion" collection, this ring starts with a big, chunky solid 18K yellow gold shank.

Atop the setting is a gorgeous 3.83 carat all-natural amethyst, surrounded at its corners by double-decker settings of white diamonds (12 points total). Below the amethyst, in a completely decorated side gallery, are 4.29 carats more of all-natural colored gemstones (garnet, topaz, peridot, iolite, amethyst, citrine). And capping the presentation are the dangles - two teardrop faceted natural gemstones, one a citrine the other a red garnet, hanging from the sides of the ring and attached via a cylindrical diamond-filled setting. Turn the ring sideways and gravity takes over and the little gemstones will dangle freely, adding movement and creativity to the design.

Please note that these dangles came in two sizes - a small and a large. This is the small size, so petite women need not be scared off! The top setting measures .9" x .5", with a rise of .35" up off the finger. It's big, but not nearly as big as the large version. The shank is a size 7.25, and sizing service is available.

Retail on this ring was almost $6K - before sales tax - and we've got it for only $1895.