Bellarri 18K "Colors of Passion" Citrine Ring

When customer's request "big" Bellarri rings, with dynamic stones, citrine is most often the request. For all of our citrine adorers out there, this one is for you.

From the Colors of Passion Collection, it's a 9.55ct Deep Madeira faceted teardrop cut citrine, with the most incredible fire-orange-red hue. Bellarri's cut makes it look about 6 feet deep when you look down into it, and you'll see hues of red, gold, orange, amber and tangerine. Just the stone itself measures .7" long x .5" wide. And it also features serrated edges, adding to the complexity of the cut.

The ring also has another 3.79 carats of citrine decorating the gallery all the way around the ring. Add in a full 31 points, almost a third of a carat, of F/G diamonds and you have one of the most dynamic citrine rings we'll ever have. But be forewarned - this is not a ring for tiny hands or gals who like to blend in. The whole top setting measures a full .9" long x .6" wide, and it sits more than half an inch up off the finger. This is a ring you wear to the theater or art gallery gala - though knowing how much our customers love their Bellarri, we won't even pretend to be surprised when someone buys this and tells us they wore it to Home Depot!

It is a size 7.25 and sizing is available.