Bellarri "Colors of Passion" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine & White Diamond Ring

Of the literally hundreds of Bellarri ring designs we've sold over the last 4+ years, this R7080 series "Colors of Passion" collection design is by far the best seller. We've sold at least 10 of these in multiple colorways, but usually in the 18K white gold variety.

This ring is the more limited 18K yellow gold variety, and it's based around an absolutely stunning citrine. The centerpiece stone in this ring is a 7.13 carat, "exploding center" Mystique cut all-natural earth-mined Madeira citrine with a deeply-scalloped flat table, and it simply looks like it's on fire. It's crystal clear - no cloudiness or distracting inclusions - and you can see straight through to the fully decorated undergallery below. But because of the Mystique cut, and the appearance that the stone is exploding from its center, the culet of the citrine looks like it's a mile away.

Decorating the sides of the shank are 1.16 additional carats of all-natural citrine baguettes which match the center stone in hue and clarity wonderfully. A full 39 points of genuine white diamonds - one of the highest diamond counts on any Bellarri ring - encircle the center stone and also run down the front and rear of the shank.

The top setting measures .8" x .45. The center citrine alone is a full .65" long x .45" wide. The top setting rises up .45" off the finger. Total weight is 12.1 grams. The shank is a size 7 - actually just a little larger, but not quite a 7.25 - and sizing is available.

Retail on these rings was almost $6K - before sales tax - and we have this one for only $1795. Trust us on this - it's worth every penny, and once you see this citrine you'll want to send us cookies you'll feel so guilty for paying so little.