Bellarri "Colors of Passion" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

There are pieces from Bellarri that we don't have to write long descriptions for - they're so beautiful, and the photos so alluring, that there's no need to be wordy! This is one such creation.

From the "Colors of Passion" Collection, it features an absolutely gorgeous 4.31 carat all-natural earth-mined faceted cushion-cut pink tourmaline, flanked by another .92 carats of pink tourmaline baguettes running down the sides of the shank. The photos you see were all taken in natural light - the center tourmaline really does throw off hues of watermelon red, pastel pink, and deep pink. The side tourmalines also match the center superbly - there's no drop-off in quality from the center stone to the accents.

Decorating the four large corner settings on top, as well as both the front and back-facing sides of the shank, are 8 points of white diamonds.

The top setting measures .45" deep (with the finger) measured across the center tourmaline, and .6" wide measured across the horizontal side settings. The rise is .3" up off the finger, and the shank is a size 7, with sizing available. The ring weighs 7 grams.