This is not a ring for gals who like tiny rings. This one is substantial - it weighs more than half an ounce, so there's a big chunk of gold here. It features a 4.59 carat faceted center citrine with 4 white gold cylindrical pillars at the corners, each holding a diamond (.08ct total). Rising up the shank on one side is a staircase of citrine baguettes, matched by more citrines on the other side of the citrine. But where this ring really becomes artwork is the ring of staggered-length baguettes (6.54ct total) surrounding the center citrine. Look closely at how they had to be cut - because of the curves all the way around the design, none of them could simply be cut into simple squares - they're all cut individually to fit in the exact space on the ring that they occupy. And there are no cloudy, "dead" stones - all are clear and pretty. This design, and those gemstones cuts, are a labor of love. The top setting measures .8" deep (with the finger), .9" wide (across the finger) and sits .4" up off the finger. It's a size 7 and sizing is available.