Bellarri "Colors of Passion" 18K Citrine & Multi-Gem Ring

We've offered many "Colors of Passion" designs over our 5+ years as the leaders of the retired Bellarri world, but all of them have either been regular production or limited-editions (less than 5 produced). This is actually our first-ever prototype for that collection - a ring designed to test the waters, a show-off piece which was never replicated and is now the only one of its kind ever put together.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold - a thick but not uncomfy shank - and features a wonderful 11.36 carat all-natural, unheated, untreated, earth-mined faceted Madeira citrine that glows in hues of tangerine and amber with hints of maize yellow.

Flanking the center stone - and this is where this ring gets unusual - are a quad of shoulder stones that are much larger than Bellarri usually sets next to a center stone like this. The shoulders are rather large, which makes the presentation look larger and more colorful. On one side you have big faceted garnet and Swiss blue topaz, and on the other you have faceted amethyst and peridot. Again, these are not huge stones compared to the center stone, but definitely larger than Bellarri normally sets for accents.

Continuing down the setting, both sides of the shank are decorated with baguettes of citrine, red garnet and more peridot. Total accent stone count is 6.18 carats, a huge number for accent stones.

The diamond count is 12 points / .12ct, which isn't a large amount, but set aside the carat total and look instead at setting complexity. Those 12 points of diamonds are split across 16 different cylindrical settings extending vertically up from the corners of every large stone.

The top setting measures .8" long (with the finger) x .5" wide measured across the citrine. If you measure across the large shoulder stones, the ring is .85" wide. Rise up off the finger is .4", and shank size is just a hair over a 7 (not quite 7.25 though). Ring weight is 15.2 grams - almost half an ounce!