Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Rhodolite Ring

Here's another single-color standout from Bellarri's "Romantica" Collection, featuring 18K yellow gold and rhodolite garnets.

There are three different rhodolite presentations on this piece - there's the large faceted center stone, which is joined by the undergallery beneath the main setting, which features rhodolite baguettes on both sides of the ring. And finally, the sides of the shank are decorated with more faceted rhodolite baguettes. Total carat count for all the rhodolites is 8.51ct.

As we love to point out with Bellarri rings, take notice of the color match between the three presentations - there's no disparity in color hue between the large center stone and the baguettes. From all angles, you see the same, gorgeous, deep reddish-pink color - Bellarri never cuts corners and tries to save money by using lower quality stones on the less-prominent parts of a piece. The stones are as gorgeous on the sides of the shank as on the top, just of different size.

You'll also find diamonds on top and between the main stone and the undergallery - total count is 12 points.

The top setting is just over half an inch across the rhodolite, and about .45" deep. It sits about .35" up off the finger, and is a size 7.25 with sizing available.

Because of the quality of the rhodolites this ring retailed for over $4500 new, so we did our best to keep the price at a nice fraction of original retail.