Bellarri "Romantica" Collection 18K Yellow Gold Ametrine, Amethyst, Citrine & Diamond Ring

If Bellarri pieces featuring bi-tourmalines are the single hardest item for us to find, then Bellarri pieces featuring ametrines larger than 10ct run a very, very close 2nd.

Ametrines, for those of you just learning about them, are one of mother nature's most beautiful geological creations - amethyst and citrine side by side. Also known as "Trystine", most ametrine is mined in Bolivia. The market is littered with low-priced synthetic, man-made ametrine, but Bellarri only uses all-natural, earth-mined gemstones.

The center stone in this ring is absolutely stunning - a large 12.01 carat beauty with perfectly centered color separation and such flawless clarity that in our on-hand photos you can actually make out the setting beneath the stone. The amethyst half of the stone features a deep plum purple, and the citrine half a gorgeous gold color.

Set on the sides of the shank, accenting the center stone, are 2.82 carats of amethyst & citrine. And note that the center stone has such perfectly-centered color separation that it actually lines up with the separation between the amethysts and citrines on the sides. So looking directly down at the ring, the color separation on the top and sides is precisely symmetrical.

A full 20 points of diamonds decorates the corners of the center stone, as well as the side stone settings.

The shank is solid 18K yellow gold, and is a size 7 with sizing available.

The top setting measures almost .75" long x .55" wide, and it sits .4" up off the finger.

We included photos in widely-varying degrees of lighting, from bright to dark, and from every conceivable angle, so you can see how the personality of the ametrine changes depending on how you view it.