Bellarri 18K White Gold & Citrine

Every so often we find a Bellarri ring that completely stands out from prior offerings...this ring definitely falls into that category.

It's a large piece - not huge by Bellarri standards (the newer Venus rings are larger) but definitely not petite. It features a thick and heavy solid 18K white gold shank, with "Bellarri" etched into the side. On top is a large faceted all-natural earth-mined citrine, with diamonds set into 18K white gold cylinders at the corners. What really will catch your eye, however, is the sea of round citrines set into a web of black rhodium down both sides of the shank - and the small round citrines match the color of the large citrine nicely.

Total citrine carat count is 9.30, and total diamond count is 14 points. The ring measures .6" wide across the top setting, and it sits .3" up off the finger, to the tops of the white gold cylindrical diamond settings. The ring size is a little larger than normal - it's a 7.5, and sizing is available.

As you can tell by the pictures of the ring on Dawn's finger, it's a substantial piece - total weight is 13.6 grams, almost half an ounce, so this is not a small ring. Normally rings of this size, with this much citrine, would test the $1800-1900 price range but this is from an older price list so relative to the rest of our ring lineup it's a fantastic find.