Bellarri "Romantic Reflections" 18K Yellow Gold Bi-Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Spinner Ring

Bellarri's spinner rings - they feature settings which literally spin allowing you to display different gemstones and change their appearance - come in a variety of flavors. The majority feature Bellarri's full gemstone array. The rarer spinners feature pink and green tourmaline. This particular style may be the rarest of all, with a bi-tourmaline center stone and green & pink side spinners.

This is not a lab-created stone - like all Bellarri gemstones, it's all-natural, geologically-created. Bi-tourmaline occurs in nature, two shades of tourmaline side by side, most commonly yielding gemstones 2 carats or smaller. The center stone in this ring is a gorgeous 6.80 carat gem that is absolutely crystal clear and full of color with excellent color separation between the two halves.

Flanking the center stone are two free-spinning wheels, each holding a combination of green tourmaline (1.31 cts total) and pink tourmaline (.96 carats total). As we show in the photos, the spinners allow the ring to show combinations of all pink, all green, or both colors.

Genuine white diamonds - 17 points total - surround the center stone and both side spinner wheels.

The ring measures .6" long (with the finger), .75" wide (across the finger, measured across the side spinners) and rises up .25" off the finger. It's a size 7, and sizing is available.

Retail was $7495, owing to the cost and rarity of the center bi-tourmaline stone. Bellarri produced no more than 3 of these, and we're very lucky to have located this one.