Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Green Tourmaline & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's long-running "Romantica" Collection, this ring features a solid 18K white gold shank and setting with a beautiful stair-step array of natural, earth-mined green tourmaline baguettes on both sides leading up to a beautiful faceted natural green tourmaline center stone.

The front and rear galleries of the ring are open, allowing you to admire the center stone all the way down to the culet. As you enjoy our photos, notice the consistency of color and clarity between the baguettes and the center stone - there's no drop-off in quality from the large stone to the accents, no cost-cutting with the quality of the side stones. Every stone is vividly saturated and crystal clear, as if they were all perfectly matched together.

All of the photos were taken in natural light, as well, so there's no camera flash to "accentuate" the color - it really is that beautiful both in the pictures and in person to the naked eye.

The total green tourmaline carat weight is 8.02ct, and 18 points of diamonds decorate the shank and setting.

The top setting measures only about .4" square, with a rise of just under .35". If measured across the entire setting, including the stair-step baguettes, the tourmaline array is about .85" wide.

The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Given the price we negotiated with our dealer partner, this should have this the site at $1695 but we're doing our best to absorb the price increases we're seeing on everything related to green tourmaline so this is listed at $1595. However, that price is our floor - this ring will never be discounted below that $1595 price.