Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst & White Diamond Ring

This is only the 2nd specimen of this style code that we've seen and sold since beginning our Bellarri experience back in 2012, and it's also one of our favorite designs because of the way it presents the center amethyst up and above the band, allowing you to enjoy the gem right down to the culet.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and features a gorgeous flat-tabled, faceted crown, serrated-edge all-natural untreated center amethyst suspended over a bridge of amethyst baguettes. Total amethyst carat weight is 7.40ct.

Genuine white diamonds - 6 points total - decorate the corners of the top setting.

The top setting measures .65" x .5" with a rise of .4" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7, with sizing service available, and the ring weighs 9.7 grams.