Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

If you've caught yourself scratching your head looking at this design, and then at the R6334 rings (in pink tourmaline and green tourmaline on our site), wondering what the difference is, you're not alone!

Bellarri made this "zig zag" design in two configurations that, at first glance, seem identical. What's different is the width of the gemstone array. The R6334 design features a wider array, and hence higher carat count, and sits at a higher price point. These R6413 designs offer the same design and look, but at a lower price point.

What's amazing about this particular R6413W/PT is the color of the pink tourmalines - if they were any darker you'd mistake them for rhodolite garnets. The ring has 1.86 carats of pink tourmaline that is a deep pink, almost violet color. You couldn't ask for better color, or clarity - they're beautiful. The tourmaline array is flanked top and bottom by diamonds, 27 points worth, across the entire setting.

The top setting measures .5" across, and it sits about .15-.2" up off the finger. The ring is just between a size 7 and 7.25, and sizing is available.