Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Pink Tourmaline

We've always called this design the "zig zag" ring because of the staggered gemstone array and zig zag setting design. It's a great design and very popular because it doesn't sit up high off the finger, so gals can wear this as an everyday ring without worrying about it getting caught on sweaters and sleeves.

From the "Romantica" Collection, these come in two configurations. This is the tall gemstone configuration, same as the R6334W/GT green tourmaline ring we also currently have listed. The other configuration, with the R6413 style code, looks almost exactly alike but the gemstone array is shorter.

This tall-gemstone version features solid 18K yellow gold with 4.28 carats of deep pastel-pink tourmaline. We included photos taken with both natural light and camera flash.

The setting measures just over half an inch wide at its widest point across the top, and it sits only .2" up off the finger so it's a very low-profile design. However, we do want to emphasize that it's not a petite, or lightweight, design - it does weigh almost 11 grams.