Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold & Pink Tourmaline Ring

As the cost of raw, high-quality natural tourmaline has more than tripled over the last year to almost $100K per kilo, the supply of Bellarri tourmaline pieces has gotten even more scarce than it already was. Bellarri is no longer retiring anything with pink tourmaline, and no additional collections are being designed around tourmaline. Bellarri isn't going to use low-grade stones, and the stones she wants to use would price most Bellarri buyers out of their normal market.

Which is why we're elated to be able to offer this particular ring, from Bellarri's "Romantica" Collection. It starts with solid 18K white gold, and features a total of 8.53 carats of all-natural, earth-mined, non-lab-enhanced pink tourmaline that is so deep in color if it were much redder it would be classified as rubellite. You'll also find .11ct / 11 points of genuine white diamonds decorating the entire perimeter of the top of the setting.

The tourmaline is split between a gorgeous faceted center stone and tourmaline baguettes that create a side gallery that runs all the way around the ring. So you see tourmaline from every angle, even the sides. And the stones are not only deeply saturated and full of color variety, but they're also crystal clear - when you receive this, grab your 10x magnifier and get in close and enjoy the stone. You can see straight through to the setting below - there's absolutely no clouding, no distracting inclusions, no interior grain. Just stunning, clear, and richly-hued natural tourmaline.

The top setting measures .5" x .65", with a rise of almost .35" up off the finger. The ring size is a 7, and sizing is available.

Retail was over $6K on this, and would be dramatically higher were it created and priced today according to current tourmaline sourcing costs. This ring may be "expensive" by AFW standards, but in the world of tourmaline, this ring is a giveaway.