Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & White Diamond Ring

In 8 years of selling Bellarri for dealers across the country, this is only the 2nd R6075 ring we've ever located. It's part of the long-running and ever-popular "Romantica" Collection and it features a solid 18K white gold band and setting. The centerpiece is an absolutely gorgeous and deeply-hued faceted natural pink tourmaline which is flanked by cylindrical settings of pink tourmaline baguettes. Total tourmaline count is 7.19ct. Genuine white diamonds, .12ct total, decorate the ends of each cylindrical setting.

The top setting measures .55" x .55" with a rise of less than .25" up off the finger. The ring weighs 7.0 grams and the band is a size 7 with sizing service available.

Retail was $5720 - and replacement cost would now be higher due to the rise in the gold price since this was created - but we have it brand new and retail fresh for only $2595. Please note that this is the price floor on this ring - it will never be discounted or included in any Flash Sales. The tourmaline market is far too tight, and the prices for high-end pink tourmalines has more than tripled in the last 4 years so the price on rings like this will only go up, even on our site.