Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Amethyst

Here's another great ring from the "Romantica" Collection - these are all great finds because it's an older collection, made at "old" gold prices, so the value for the amount of gold and quality of the stone is very high.

This ring features a 3.30 carat faceted dome amethyst set in solid 18K white gold, fully hallmarked with the "Bellarri" name etched into the outside of the shank. The amethyst is complimented by a full quarter-carat (25 points) of F/G VS diamonds.

It may look like we got creative with our photos, but we simply varied the amount of lighting - the photos are otherwise straight from the camera with only size cropping for web use. We point this out because we included some photos we normally wouldn't use, with severely dim lighting. Some of those "dark" photos showed off the amethyst's personality so we included them in the array for you.

The setting measures .4" deep x .65" wide, and the ring is a size 7 with sizing available.