Bellarri 18K "Romantica" Citrine Diamond Ring

Everyone loves Bellarri's cylindrical-cut pieces - the gemstone cut featured on the Bamboo and Venus Collections - but less frequently seen are these larger and more elaborate variations on the cylinder/barrel cut. This ring, from the Romantica Collection, really shows off Bellarri's love of fully rounded gemstone presentations, especially in settings that allow you to enjoy the stone from the sides as well as from above. Set in solid 18K yellow gold, this is a diamond-shape faceted barrel cut Madeira citrine weighing a full 8.18 carats. It measures .4" long x just under .5" wide, and almost .35" thick. Our photos, taken with camera flash but otherwise unaltered, tend to emphasize the hints of red in the stone, but to the naked eye you'll see a richer and deeper shade of tangerine than our photos display.

The citrine is complemented by a full 37 points of diamonds covering the sides of the shank and the two arms that create the citrine's setting.

The ring is a size 7 and sizing is available.