Bellarri "La Petite" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & White Diamond Ring

Collection: "La Petite"

Style Code: R5607W/PT

Specs: Despite being part of the "La Petite" Collection, this ring's presentation is anything but "petite". It features a solid 18K white gold band with a large flat-tabled oval all-natural, earth-mined Pink Tourmaline suspended above a bridge of Pink Tourmaline baguettes. What makes this ring special are two design cues: first, the entire center stone is suspended up above the band setting, so that from the side view you can see the gem right down to its culet. Second, Bellarri made sure to set the baguettes below the center stone all the way through the setting - they not only flank the center setting but the baguettes continue all the way through the center and below the large center stone. Instead of stopping at the center setting, saving a couple of baguettes and lowering cost, she created a fully-filled channel set band below the large oval gemstone.

The ring features 4.02 carats total of natural, earth-mined and untreated Pink Tourmaline and 37 Points / .37ct of White Diamonds.

The top setting measures .35" x .5" across just the center stone, with a rise of .35" up off the finger. Total weight 7.6 grams (not exactly petite or lightweight). The band is size 5 from the factory - the R5607W/PT style code is one of the fiew that Bellarri created in multiple sizes from the factory, so this ring is an original 5, it has not been sized down.

Current retail - this design was never retired, and technically we're not supposed to have it - is $5500.