Bellarri "La Petite" 18K White Gold, Amethyst & White Diamond Ring

This ring comes from Bellarri's long-running "La Petite" collection, which primarily features smaller designs, but honestly the collection name is more appropriate for the matching pendant that goes with the ring than it is for the ring itself. The pendant is small, but this ring isn't exactly tiny.

It starts with a solid 18K white gold band and settiing and features a total of 3.49 carats of natural, earth-mined amethyst. The centerpiece is a big, flat-tabled oval cut amethtyst with tapered-length baguettes decorating the shoulders.

What makes the setting on this ring special is the way the center amethyst is suspended above the setting - from the sides, you can see the entire amethyst, right down to the culet. Rather than being set in the ring, the amethyst is lifted up and suspended over the band so the whole gemstone can be viewed and enjoyed from different angles.

A total of 36 points / .36ct of white diamonds completes the presentation.

The top setting measures .5" x .35" (across the center amethyst) with a rise of .35" up off the finger. The ring weighs a full 8.5 grams - like we said above, it's not exactly tiny - and the band is a size 7 with sizing available.