Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Romantica" Collection, this is one of the more dramatic and regal pink tourmaline rings we've had in our store. It starts with solid 18K white gold, and features a serrated-edge trillion-cut all-natural earth-mined pink tourmaline that is presented up above the main band such that you can see the entirety of the stone, right down to the culet. It's held up high enough that there's a small space between the culet and the setting underneath, almost like the tourmaline is floating above the band.

The band below holds 9 baguette earth-mined tourmalines, for a total tourmaline count of 5.52 carats. A full 22 points of diamonds decorate the corners of the main stone and both the front and rear-facing galleries of the main shank.

If the full-presentation setting isn't the highlight of the ring, the color of the stones surely is. The main stone throws off hues of watermelon red, hot pink and salmon, and the baguettes below match wonderfully so there's no drop-off in color quality from the main stone to the accents.

The trillion-cut setting measures .55" deep (with the finger) x .6" wide (across the finger), with a rise of .45" up off the finger. It's not a huge ring, but the trillion-cut tourmaline is presented boldly.

The shank is a size 7 - actually just a hair above, in between a 7 and 7.25 - and sizing is available.

Retail on the ring was $5245 - the tags are still attached - but we're bringing it to you for only $1495, brand new and retail fresh.