Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold Amethyst & Diamond

From Bellarri's long-retired "Romantica" Collection, this is a piece that at first glance may seem like just another amethyst ring. But the beauty is in the cut of the amethyst.

It starts with solid 18K white gold, with a V-shaped setting holding a 4.38 carat all-natural, earth-mined amethyst. In addition to featuring Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique-cut, which creates a brilliant explosion of light outward from the bottom center of the stone, it also features a flat, octagonally-scalloped table. The stone itself is squared, but the table is a contrasting octagon. And the stone is held and displayed by the V-shaped setting so that you can admire it right down to the culet, on all 4 sides of the stone.

In terms of color, it's a vibrant purple with exploding hues of violet, hot pink pastel pink, and, in just the right angle hints of periwinkle.

The ring also boasts one of the highest diamond counts on a non-Europa-collection piece - a full 42 points, almost half a carat.

The top setting measures .4" x .45", with a full .45" rise up off the finger (to fully display the amethyst). The shank is a size 7 with sizing available.

PHOTO NOTE: We took photos in different sessions, and different lighting, so any variation in the color is a function of lighting temperature. Our first session was under direct daylight, the next session was under daylight-temperature artificial lighting.