Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Romantica" Collection, this design is now the 2nd most popular Bellarri design - of any kind - that we've sold, 2nd only to the R7080 series. We've already sold 4 of these in pink tourmaline, this is our 5th, a real testament to how much customers love the setting arrangement.

Since Bellarri uses only all-natural, earth-mined stones, and since gemstones are like snowflakes - no two are exactly alike - the photos below show the exact ring you'll receive.

The dominant color of this stone is a deep pink with brilliant flashes of watermelon red, hot pink, fuchsia, and even hints of salmon. To show off the various personalities of the center stone we took photos at different times of day in varying levels of lighting intensity. You can see how the ring changes personality depending on the lighting - other than lighting, there's no difference in the camera settings.

The ring features solid 18K white gold with 5.05 carats of all-natural earth-mined pink tourmaline plus 15 points / .15ct of genuine white diamonds. In addition to the center stone there are beautiful pink tourmaline baguettes extending up the shank, stair-step style, leading to the faceted cushion-cut center.

We always love to point out, and it surely applies again with this particular ring, how beautifully the side baguettes match the center stone. They match not only in terms of color saturation and hue, but also clarity - every stone is crystal clear and free of distracting inclusions and cloudiness.

The top setting measures .35" x .35", with a rise up .3" up off the finger. This would make a perfect "everyday" sort of Bellarri ring, that is also elegant enough to do weekend dress-up duty. The ring shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Retail on these is $4200, but we're offering it for only $1495.