Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Romantica" Collection, this is a ring that we've sold previously in green tourmaline and multiples in pink tourmaline, and customers love the design so much that we're always happy to re-stock it when we can.

It starts with solid 18K white gold, and features 5.05 carats of beautiful all-natural earth-mined pink tourmaline, plus 15 points / .15ct of genuine white diamonds. There are beautiful pink tourmaline baguettes extending up the shank, stair-step style, leading to a faceted cushion-cut pink tourmaline center stone. On this particular ring (Bellarri uses only natural stones, so no two specimens or rings will ever be exactly alike), the center stone throws off hues of pastel pink, bright pink, watermelon red, and hints of salmon.

What really makes these rings special - and what you can't see in photos but will bring a nice epiphany when you have this in hand and can appreciate it in person - is the color and clarity matching between the side baguettes and the center stone. The center stone is not only beautifully saturated, but also as clear as glass - there's no cloudiness, there are no distracting inclusions, you can look straight through to the undergallery below. And Bellarri matched the center stone with 8 baguettes (4 per side) that have the exact same color hue and saturation, and are equally as crystal-clear. There isn't even the slightest drop-off in gemstone quality between the center stone and the accent baguettes. The beautiful, deep pink-red color you'll enjoy as you stare into the center stone extends down both sides of the ring, perfectly matched.

The top setting measures .35" x .35", with a rise up .3" up off the finger. This would make a perfect "everyday" sort of Bellarri ring, that is also elegant enough to do weekend dress-up duty. The ring shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Retail on these is $4200, but we're offering it for only $1495.