Bellarri "Josephine" 18K Multi-Gem Necklace

From Bellarri's "Josephine" Collection comes this incredible work of art, which retailed for over $24K (and which would cost over $26K with tax)- and we have it for under $10K.

It features gemstone settings all the way around the necklace, from neck to clasp - half of the settings are tapered-size gemstone clusters, featuring a large faceted stone in a bed of smaller faceted "Lifesaver Candy-style" surrounding stones, and the back half of the necklace features smaller settings of single gemstones. Dropping from the front of the necklace is a removable multi-gem piece, with a gorgeous green tourmaline & large amethyst cluster drop that can be removed to "dress down" the necklace a little.

Total gemstone count is 102.85 carats, including an 8.65 carat faceted amethyst on the large removable drop. Diamond count is 88 points - almost a full carat.

It's so easy to get caught staring at the large gemstone clusters - which feature everything from Madeira citrine to Swiss Blue topaz to red garnet to iolite - that you may at first miss all the beautiful Princess cut gemstones set side-by-side separating each oval gemstone cluster. And the Princess cut settings vary from cluster to may have green tourmaline and red garnet, another amethyst and iolite. As the necklace tapers to the single-gemstone settings at the back half, the separator settings taper from two gemstones to one.

The clasp has its own gemstone - a London Blue topaz - with push-button release and double safety catches.

The entire piece is created on solid 18K yellow gold, with Bellarri's signature "B" on the back of every gemstone setting.

Here are dimensions:

- Necklace wearable length: 16.25"
- Drop length: 1.8"
- Size of largest gemstone cluster: .85" x .70"
- Size of amethyst cluster on drop: 1" x .75"
- Width of necklace at clasp: approx. .25"
- Total weight: 2.5 ounces

We included photos of the necklace with and without the drop - adding the drop makes it an incredibly regal piece, and removing it dresses it down nicely for less formal occasions. Please note that the drop itself does not have a bail, and cannot be worn separately.

**IMPORTANT PHOTO NOTE: We included photos of the necklace with the matching earrings, and two matching rings. The amethyst ring has been sold, but as of 12/9/15 the citrine ring is still available. The price shown for the necklace on the Neckwear page is for the necklace only - the ring and earrings can be purchased separately.