From the Riviera Collection comes an incredible Bellarri necklace that...leaves us at a loss for words. Where to start with this description? It's built on solid 18K yellow gold, and features 91.10 carats of...everything. That's 91.10 carats of all-natural, just-as-nature-colored them, blue topaz, peridot, garnet, amethyst, citrine, iolite, rhodolite garnet, and on and on. And the gemstones come in all shapes, cuts, sizes and hues - there are cabochon barrels and faceted cylinders, jellybean cabochons and squared cabochons, trillions, tapered hourglass barrels, princesses, ovals, and brilliant rounds. There are Mystique-cuts and faceted surfaces. Every variety you could want - it's here. And not only are there multiple flowing strands of gemstones, and gemstones all the way around the perimeter of the necklace, but notice the small bar clusters - some are filled with diamonds, some are filled with a line of Mystique-cut "exploding center" gems. And notice how Bellarri varied hues even within the same gemstone family - there are Swiss blues and sky blues and London Blue topaz, as well as golden citrines and Madeira citrines, limegreen peridot and pastel peridot. Diamond count is 58 points, more than half a carat of F/G color VS beauties.

Here are some dimensions:

- Wearable length: 15.5 - 16" (not including the gemstone drops)
- Length of longest (middle) gemstone strand: 3"
- Length of shortest (outside) gemstone strand: 2.25"
- Width of gemstone strands: .25", tapering to approx. .2" at clasp

Our photos don't do this piece justice. Every color, every hue, every cut is represented, like a "Tour of Bellarri".