From Bellarri's "Riviera" Collection comes the most stunning and colorful necklace we've ever had in our store. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and is crafted in a series of square links, of tapering size, each holding a large all-natural cabochon gemstone. There's red garnet, green tourmaline, iolite, citrine, London blue topaz, amethyst at the largest section of the necklace, then citrine, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, Swiss blue topaz, and peridot. There are 26 total square links, with the 11 larger links at the front of the necklace holding the large cabochons. Connecting these square links are smaller solid 18K settings, each filled with a faceted cylindrical cut gemstone - there are 26 of those, with just about every gemstone Bellarri features. The clasp link also features its own gemstone - a gorgeous deep rhodolite garnet. And there's more...alternating around the necklace, every other square link, and all of the joining links, are covered in diamonds. All together the necklace has 55.38 carats of colored gemstones, and 1.80 carats of F/G diamonds. The links taper in size from .35" wide at the clasp to .65" wide around the center of the necklace, with the largest setting 1" tall and more than .75" wide. The necklace's total physical length is just over 16.5", and actual wearable length is just under 16". This design was recently retired, and retailed for $31395.