Bellarri "Gypsy" 18K Multi-Gem Necklace

From Bellarri's popular "Gypsy" Collection, the focus of this necklace is singular: big, juicy all-natural earth-mined gemstones in every cut, shape and color.

It is made with solid 18K yellow gold - every gemstone is set in solid 18K and the larger settings feature the full undergallery with signature Bellarri "B"s shaped in gold - but the shape of the gold undergallery isn't the focus.

It also features plenty of diamonds - 45 points of F/G VS beauties - but diamonds aren't the focus either.

The focus of this necklace is simply to string together 29 absolutely stunning - and some large - all-natural earth-mined gemstones, totaling a whopping 131.95 carats. And then from the bottom hang a 30th gemstone - a splendid and large 22.85 carat trillion-shaped, "exploding center" Mystique-cut amethyst with flat table and scalloped edges. So the total carat weight of the colored gemstones is 154.80.

The trillion-cut Mystique amethyst at the bottom may seem the highlight at first glance, but look above it to the house-shaped cabochon Madeira citrine, which is flanked by two more cabochons - a house-shaped Swiss blue topaz on one side and a jellybean amethyst. Further up you'll see teardrop Mystique Swiss Blue topaz, a Marquise-cut rhodolite garnet with more fuchsia and hot pink than any rhodolite we've ever seen from Bellarri, plus peridot, iolite, red garnet, green tourmaline, and more amethyst, topaz, and rhodolite.

Total weight of the piece is 63 grams - substantial, but not heavy. Neck size is 16.25". The clasp is a simple push-button release with double safety latches.

Retail on this was just under $23K, and we're offering it for dramatically less than that.