Bellarri "Goddess" 18K Sapphire & Diamond Pendant with 18K White Gold Choker

From Bellarri's exclusive "Goddess" Collection comes this one-of-a-kind pendant - Bellarri made exactly one, and you'll never see another on another woman's neck.

It starts with solid 18K white gold, and features only precious gemstones and pearls. The center is a large 11mm diameter gold pearl, which sits upon a circular bed of white diamonds - a full 57 points total, more than half a carat. Extending outward from the center of the pendant are alternating "petals" of white pearls, 5mm each, and clusters of all-natural, earth-mined real sapphires. These are not heat-treated or lab-colored - these are natural blue, green, orange, yellow and hot pink sapphires, a full 1.12 carats of precious stones. They're mounted in clusters of rhodium-plated solid 18K white gold, to create a darkened/blackened effect around the sapphires that contrasts wonderfully against the adjacent white pearls.

The entire piece measures over an inch in diameter, and more than half an inch deep. The pendant alone weighs 9.8 grams - substantial, and with nice tactile feel, without being cumbersome. It comes mounted on an 18K white gold choker, as a no-cost bonus, with a wearable length of 15". The bail does open, with a nice and firm snap-shut mechanism, for easier placement on chains and cords. Because of the height of the bail, this will fit on any omega chain you own, and chains up to about 3-3.5mm thick.

We have the retail tag for this combination, showing it checked in at $9375. We're offering it for $3295, only 35% of original retail. Considering that most Bellarri rings cost more than that at retail today, that means one of our lucky customers is going to get a one-of-a-kind 18K gold pendant covered in diamonds and sapphires, with an 18K gold choker, for less than some ladies will spend just to get a single Bellarri ring at a retail store.