Bellarri "Hava" 18K Multi-Gemstone, Diamond & Baroque South Sea Pearl Necklace

From the "Hava" Collection, this Bellarri necklace combines wonderful and authentic South Sea baroque pearls with all-natural, earth-mined gemstone "Hava" design stations in tapering sizes.

There are 12 large South Sea baroque pearls, plus a 13th pearl dangling from the clasp. The pearls show absolutely gorgeous luster, with hues of pink, gold and sea green. It may not be obvious in the photos, as digital camera sensors never quite capture pearl lustre completely, but in person the pearls are stunning.

They're interspersed with "Hava" style gemstone stations. The largest station, at the front of the necklace, is filled with deep-hued amethyst. Working up from there are stations of green tourmaline and rhodolite, Swiss blue topaz and citrine, citrine and iolite, amethyst and rhodolite, peridot and red garnet, and a single rhodolite station that forms the clasp structure.

The largest station, the center amethyst station, measures a full 1" x 1" corner to corner. The smallest station measures .55" x .55", corner to corner, so every station is sizeable and dynamic - there are no subtle looks here. The largest pearl measures .9" long.

Each gemstone station features 4 Mystique-cut stones, with flat scalloped tables, in a 2x2 grid at the center with faceted gemstones around the outside of the station. The smaller stations near the clasp feature 2x2 faceted stone groups. Diamonds decorate the center of each gemstone station.

Total diamond count is 23 points. Total colored gemstone count is 73.44 carats.

The necklace has a wearable length of 16.75". It weighs 107 grams, almost 4 ounces.

Retail was $28305 - at our price of $8895 you are getting this for less than 32% of retail.