Bellarri "Alessandra" 18K Multi-Gem Necklace

This is a piece that most of our customers would love to own, but only those with the right neck size and upper torso dimensions will be able to pull it off. It's from the "Alessandra" Collection, and it's even more breathtaking in person than in our photos.

It's built on solid 18K yellow gold but you see very little of the gold because the entire necklace is covered in gemstones. On the front of the neck you have a double strand combination of amethysts and rhodolite garnets that join together at ribbons of diamonds at the side of the neck, with single runs of amethysts extending around the back of the neck all the way to the diamond-covered clasp. Dangling from the clasp are two more gemstones - a rhodolite garnet and a peridot.

Focusing back at the front of the neck, the double strands of amethysts and rhodolite garnets culminate at a ribbon full of tapered gemstones including peridot, green tourmaline, citrine, red garnet, rhodolite garnet and blue topaz. This ribbon of gemstones first runs through a huge teardrop-shaped Mystique-cut scalloped-edge amethyst and then an equally large Mystique-cut scalloped-edge Madeira citrine.

But we're not done yet...dropping down from the big amethyst is an additional run of rhodolite garnets which culminate in a stunning Marquise-cut Swiss Blue topaz. Dropping down from the big Madeira citrine is a run of amethysts that first leads to a green tourmaline and continues down to another large amethyst, this one a faceted variety.

All together it has 59.52 carats of colored gemstones and 28 points of diamonds. But obviously the carat weight isn't the story - it's the color and clarity of the stones. All of the rhodolite garnets on the front neckline strands are of the watermelon-red variety - their color is so vibrant and rich that you'll wonder if they're not deep pink tourmalines. The large Madeira citrine bleeds hints of reddish tangerine from both ends. And the combination of rhodolites and amethysts running in parallel strands is sublime - trust us when we emphasize that our photos do this piece absolutely no justice. In person it's one big explosion of color and sparkle.

Here are some important dimensions - please take careful note of the neck size and drop dimensions:

- Wearable length/neck size: 16.5" The closer to this size that your neck is, the better this will work. It's meant to be worn up on the neck, choker style. If your neck is too small, and the necklace drops down, the long amethyst drop will fall too far into your cleavage.

- Length of longest drop: 2.35" from the bottom of the citrine to the bottom of the Marquise-cut amethyst at the end of the drop.

- Length of longest drop, from neckline: 3.75", total drop from the upper amethyst strand (which falls at the neckline) to the bottom of the amethyst drop. This 3.75" number is the total drop from your neckline - apply that measurement to your chest to see how far into your cleavage the amethyst will fall. The amethyst doesn't fall directly down the middle of the necklace, it falls off-center, so it doesn't land in the center of your cleavage.

- Length of short drop: 1.7" from the bottom of the amethyst, 2.5" from the neckline.

- Gemstone dimensions: Large amethyst is almost 1" long x .45" wide, large citrine is same size almost 1" long x .45" wide. Lower amethyst is .7" x .35", lower Swiss Blue topaz is .7" x .3".

- Strand width at clasp: .1"

- Total weight: 2 ounces

As with all Bellarri creations, the gemstones are all-natural, earth-mined, just as mother nature made them.

Retail on this incredible creation was $23860, as can be seen on the original Bellarri retail tag, which means you are getting it for less than 30% of retail. This is a threshold we rarely hit (we normally operate in the 34-40% range) and it's only happening because the selling dealer is looking to raise some liquidity quickly.