Bellarri "Contessa" 18K Necklace w/Removable and Wearable Enhancer

We have this necklace for a limited time, so your window of opportunity on this one is small. It's a beautiful piece, and knowing we don't have much time before it has to go back to the dealer, we've priced it aggressively.

From Bellarri's "Contessa" Collection, it's the first necklace we've had from Bellarri with a removable and wearable enhancer. Making this a three way can wear it as shown in most of the photographs, with the enhancer drop attached, or wear the necklace as a simple choker without the drop, or put the drop enhancer on its own cord or chain and wear it as you would any other Bellarri enhancer pendant.

It's a beautiful staggered baguette design, with 30.17 carats of all-natural earth-mined citrine, red garnet, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, green tourmaline and iolite, plus 69 points of F/G VS diamonds.

The drop design is very clever - it attaches to the necklace via a z-shaped bar on the back of the criss-crossing gemstones on the necklace. You slide the enhancer's little bail hoop over the bar, and it slides down and hangs from the necklace. When you remove the enhancer, the bail loop folds down and out of the way so that when you are wearing the enhancer without the necklace you can't see the necklace bail loop at all. So it's not a compromised convertible design...when the enhancer is on the necklace, it looks like it belongs there, and when it's off the necklace it doesn't look like it's missing its partner.

Because of the loop-over-bar design of the attachment, the drop can swivel so you don't have to worry about it not laying flat. The necklace itself is hinged at intervals all the way around the design so it is also flexible for a comfortable and natural fit.

The necklace itself has a 16" internal circumference (neck size), and the drop alone is 1.2" long.

Retail was $16,600 at you can see on the tag in the photos, so our price is only 36% of original retail, and that's if you pay by credit card/PayPal. Pay by cashier's check to take advantage of the 2% cash discount and save an additional $120.


All remaining photos were taken in natural light, no camera flash, wide aperture