Bellarri "Bordeaux" 14K Yellow Gold, Multi-Gem, Green Tourmaline, Rhodolite Cabochon & White Diamond Pendant Necklace

This "Bordeaux" Collection necklace is a special piece because technically it shouldn't exist - the "Bordeaux" Collection was retired and discontinued years ago and it was all 18K gold. This necklace is here with us because Bellarri decided to revisit a couple of older, favorite designs so she broke out the mold and re-made a few legacy pieces in 14K gold just for fun. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't good - she created this just as the entire world was shutting down, including all of the jewelry stores and cruise ship stores that might have enjoyed displaying these re-issue legacy pieces. Of course, AFW never shut down, so here you go.

This re-issue "Bordeaux" pendant necklace (chain is fixed to the piece) features a solid 14K yellow gold setting and chain with 5.50 carats of natural gemstones decorating the top setting. You have London blue topaz, peridot, citrine, rhodolite, amethyst, iolite and red garnet. Dangling from the top setting via 3 chain strands is an additional setting featuring 1.29 carats of faceted cylindrical green tourmaline with rhodolite garnet cabochon caps. The dangle setting is also decorated with white diamonds, .08ct total.

The entire pendant setting, with dangle, measures 1.3" tall and .75" wide measured across the green tourmaline drop. The necklace itself has a total wearable length of 17" but the lobster-claw clasp can be attached anywhere alongs its length so it's infinitely adjustable downward from 17". Total weight is 8 grams.