Bellarri "Eternal Love" 14K Pink Gold & Natural Madeira Citrine Necklace

You won't find a prettier array of citrines than on this "Eternal Love" necklace, and at our price it's a fantastic Bellarri find.

It's a full 14K pink gold necklace, with fixed pendant setting featuring 2.95 carats of flat-tabled, all-natural earth-mined Madeira citrine. Notice how perfectly color-matched all 9 citrines are.

The citrine setting itself measures 1.5" long x .2" tall, and the necklace has a total length of 18". The lobster-claw clasp, however, can be affixed to any of the loops all along the chain, so while the maximum length is 18" the minimum length is adjustable by simply affixing the clasp anywhere along the length of the necklace.

Retail was over $2500, but we have it brand new and retail fresh for only $895 and if you live outside of Arizona you pay no sales tax.