Bellarri "Circle of Love II" 14K White Gold, Black Mother of Pearl, Londong Blue Topaz & White Diamond Pendant Necklace

Yes, the photos you see below, with all those different colors and looks and appearances, are all of the same piece. That's how much the black mother of pearl changes appearance as you change the angle of lighting.

This pendant-necklace starts with a solid 14K white gold setting with ornate rear filigree and multiple Bellarri "B"s in the gold latticework. Attached to the pendant is a fixed 14K white gold 16" rope-link chain, so this is ready to wear right out of the case.

The pendant features 8.35 carats of natural black mother of pearl in two separate pieces top and bottom, with 5.85 carats of rich London Blue Topaz in elongated triangular blade cuts in two different settings left and right. Ringing the entire perimeter of the piece, as well as the center setting dividers, are 38 points / .38ct of genuine white diamonds. At the center is a beautiful cabochon London Blue Topaz.

The pendant measures 1.05" in diameter, just under .5" thick, and the entire piece with chain weighs 11.6 grams.