Bellarri "Baroness" 18K Pink Gold, Multi-Strand Black Onyx Necklace with Black Onyx, Rhodolite & Diamond Clasp

Presenting our first-ever "Baroness" Collection piece! It's not only our first "Baroness" item but it's also our first-ever extra-long layerable Bellarri necklace.

It features 14 strands of jet-black onyx beads that come together at an openable solid 18K pink gold clasp. The clasp is released by pressing the little button with the round natural .05ct rhodolite garnet displayed at the center. The clasp itself holds a large 25.25 carat faceted natural black onyx, and is ringed with white diamonds (carat weight not yet available).

That 25.25 carat weight is just for the clasp onyx alone - Bellarri doesn't calculate carat weights for her bead strands.

The clasp measures 1.45" x .95" and features double safety catches on both sides.

The onyx beads measure between 1-2mm in diameter.

The necklace has a total physical length of 34" so it can be worn as a long single-layer necklace draped down your front. Or you can double it up, as we show in most of the photos, and it becomes a choker with wearable range of about 15" up to 16". Because it can be twisted, it can be shortened somewhat the more you twist it, hence the 1" of play in the wearable size.

It's not heavy - it weighs only about 3 ounces - so despite its large presentation it isn't going to feel onerous on your neck.