Bellarri "Capri" 18K Pink Gold, Swiss Blue Topaz & Black Onyx Gemstone Scarf

From Bellarri's "Capri" Collection, this is the first time we've ever offered something like this on our website, though not our first time seeing this piece.

Exactly 3 of these were created, and I bought the first one for Dawn for our 2017 trip to Europe. We've now located #2 and are able to offer it to our customers.

It features 21 strands of natural jet black onyx, with solid 18K pink gold stations decorated with natural Swiss blue topaz (5.55 carats) and genuine white diamonds (.29ct). At the ends of the onyx strands are 18K gold caps.

It measures 33" long and about 1" wide with the strands firmly bunched together - wider than 1" if you spread them out a little.

The best way to think of this is just as you would think of any fabric/textile-based scarf. You wear it just as you'd wear any other scarf: crossed in front, draped uncrossed in front, around the neck draped front-to-back, etc. It's perfect for colder months, where you want to wear a necklace or pendant but will have on a sweater, turtleneck or coat covering your neck. You can just wear this over your sweater or turtleneck, as you would a scarf, so that you get to enjoy your Bellarri gemstones without them being hidden behind cool-climate clothing.

Retail was a hair under $7K, and we're offering this for only $2395.