Bellarri "La Boutique" 18K Baroque South Sea Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Rhodolite, Multi-Gem & Diamond Necklace


UPDATE 7/22/16: We've confirmed that extra pearls can be added to the necklace if you require a longer size. The price is $140 per pearl added, and each pearl adds almost an inch of length. Just let us know what length you require and we'll make it happen!

From Bellarri's "La Boutique" Collection, this necklace is a one of a kind piece - Bellarri only produced one, and never put it into production. Whomever owns this will never see another on another woman's neck.

It features large and genuine baroque South Sea pearls, with 18K pink gold and multi-gemstone covered clasps which connect to a gorgeous bowtie-shaped centerpiece pendant covered in mother of pearl. Decorating the face of the centerpiece is another smaller bowtie, of 18K pink gold, rhodolite garnet and diamonds. Total carat weights are 2.50ct for the baguettes at the clasps (garnet, citrine, green tourmaline, rhodolite, amethyst, iolite, topaz), 7.85ct of rhodolite garnet on the centerpiece bowtie, and .47ct of diamonds decorating the clasps and centerpiece.

The necklace was designed to be worth three different ways, but really only works in two of the three ways, hence the reason Bellarri opted not to put into production.

First, it's designed to be worn just as shown in the photos, with the bowtie centerpiece connected to the pearls. This is how it looks best and works beautifully. Second, you can remove the bowtie centerpiece, connect the clasps together (they have an ingenious male-female / female-male connection design so they can be joined), and just wear the pearls without the bowtie. The necklace also works beautifully in this manner. The third way, that doesn't work well, is wearing the bowtie all by itself without the pearls - it does have a bail on the back, so it was meant to be worn by itself, but the weight distribution of the pendant causes it to want to roll over on your chain/cord and not face forward. We played with it and we just don't think it works right by itself. So this can be worn as shown, or with only the pearls, but the centerpiece bowtie doesn't work well by itself.

Here are some important dimensions:

- Total physical length: 18.5"
- Actual wearable length with bowtie: 16.5"
- Actual wearable length without bowtie: 14.75"
- Pearl size varies from .8" to .95"
- Bowtie centerpiece measures 1.5" x 1"


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