Bellarri Limited Production - Only 5 Produced - 18K Pink Gold, Smoky Quartz & Madeira Citrine Necklace

We've never offered anything like this, except for the "Mademoiselle" necklaces with much smaller beads. This piece is much different, and very limited - Bellarri only produced five of them.

It features a string of 25 all-natural, earth-mined faceted spheres of smoky quartz, each a large 18mm in diameter (a penny, for size reference, is 19mm in diameter). The smoky quartz is beautifully matched, end to end, in both color hue and clarity.

Joining the necklace together and forming the centerpiece is a stunning collection of faceted Madeira citrines - 17.74 carats total - set in 18K pink gold in a shape that suggest two more spheres fused together. At first glance the clasp might look barrel-shaped, but when you look more closely you'll see it resembles two spheres come together. The push-button clasp release also displays its own round faceted citrine.

The necklace measures 20" long unclasped, with an actual wearable length of 18". For neck size and fit, 18" is the number you need to know.

It also weighs 7.3 ounces - almost half a pound. This isn't a necklace you'll forget you're wearing.

In terms of smoky quartz carat weight, we can't weigh the beads separately. But given that we know the number of beads, the diameter, and the total weight of the necklace we can adjust for the clasp and arrive at an estimate of approximately 25 carats per bead, or close to 600 carats of natural smoky quartz. In terms of total gemstone weight, no Bellarri creation we've ever sold before even comes remotely close.

We've priced this very aggressively - it's priced like a larger Bellarri pendant or pair of earrings. There's no catch, it's brand new, never sold, retail fresh, we're just coming right out of the gate with a price that we hope our customers can't pass up.