Bellarri "Chantal II" 18K Yellow Gold, Multi-Strand Garnet Bead Necklace with Diamond & Multi-Gemstone Stations

Introducing our first-ever creation from Bellarri's "Chantal II" Collection, this necklace retailed for more than $17K - before tax - but we're bringing it to you for only 35% of that original price.

It features 8 strands of natural faceted red garnet beads and three solid 18K yellow gold stations - two stations that fall at the front on display, and a third station that forms the clasp at the back of the neck.

All three stations are cylindrical and almost 1 inch long and almost .75" thick, and all three are covered in natural earth-mined gemstones in a variety of cuts and shapes. You'll find faceted red garnet and cabochon rhodolite garnet, citrines in both the gold and tangerine-hued Madeira variety, amethyst, peridot, London blue topaz, and green tourmaline. The total semi-precious gemstone count, across all three stations, is 20.70 carats.

All three stations are also covered in genuine F/G VS/SI white diamonds, and this necklace features the highest total diamond count of any Bellarri creation we've ever offered - a full 1.75 carats. In fact, other than on setting prongs there is no exposed gold anywhere - every place on this necklace that Bellarri could set a diamond, she covered in diamonds.

The necklace has a total physical length, unclasped, of 18". Fully clasped, the wearable length is 16", with a litte variation depending on how tightly you twist the bead strands (which shortens the necklace a little). The clasp is a simple push-button release with safety catch, and the push-button itself is also decorated with a natural garnet cabochon.

Total weight is 104.5 grams. The individual garnet beads themselves are just under 2mm in diameter.