Bellarri "Mademoiselle" 18K Multi-Strand Necklace with Multi-Gem Barrel Centerpiece

These Mademoiselle necklaces have officially become our most popular item ever - we've sold more of them, in their various colorways, than any other Bellarri item we've ever had. We have them in genuine black spinel and genuine rhodolite garnet.

Each features 8 strands of all-natural, earth-mined faceted gemstones - either black spinel or rhodolite garnet (these are not fashion beads) - with a large solid 18K gold barrel pendant as the centerpiece. The pendants are the same across all colors, and they feature 15.68 carats of citrine, red garnet, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, iolite, blue topaz, green tourmaline, and peridot, plus 41 points of F/G color diamonds. Notice the round peridot in the little push button clasp release - Bellarri never misses an opportunity to put a gemstone someplace. The barrel itself measures an inch long and about .65" thick. What surprises customers most is how beautiful the barrel section is - the gemstones are of such superb color and clarity that you're able to look through them and pick up light refraction through the other gemstones.

Total physical length is around 16.25-16.5", and wearable length is around 15.5-16". These are meant to be worn up on the neck as a choker. And the barrel is meant to be worn off to the side, on either side of the neck, depending on which side you prefer and which side you might wear your hair on. For gals with very small necks, don't worry about these being a little too large because you can twist them to shrink their length.