Bellarri "Riviera" 18K Multi-Gem Necklace

This is one of Bellarri's most beautiful necklace designs ever - and we say that having seen her signature catalog-cover "Venus" and "Mademoiselle" designs in person, which themselves are breathtaking.

This "Riviera" necklace retailed for $28,835 - shown on the original Bellarri retail tag captured in the photographs - which means with tax it was a $31K purchase. Miracle workers and angels that we are, we're bringing it to you for under $11K.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features multi-length cascading drops of gemstones of all shapes, sizes, cuts and colors - amethyst, London Blue topaz, rhodolite garnet, Madeira citrine, red garnet (we love the red garnet heart!), peridot, iolite, it's all here. Flowing through all the drops is a river of more gemstones - round gemstones of every variety and color, in a gradient design of tapering sizes, smaller to larger to smaller to larger.

All of this gemstone artistry hangs from a necklace which itself is completely covered in clusters of faceted stones, from rhodolite, to green tourmaline, to citrine, to topaz, to red garnet, to amethyst and iolite, repeating over and over all the way around. Separating each of these groupings is a ribbon of diamonds.

Total gemstone count is 70.45, total diamond count is 1.00 carats.

Here are important dimensions:

- Setting width (main necklace): .2"
- Wearable length/neck size: 15.9-16" (choker style)
- Length of longest drop: 2.55"
- Total width, side to side, of the gemstone cascade: 4.75"
- Total weight: 3 ounces

As with all Bellarri creations, the gemstones are all-natural, earth-mined, just as mother nature made them. When you think about how many gemstones it took to make this piece - and all the unusual cuts and shapes - you realize just how much gemstone cutting and setting labor went into making this necklace happen.