Bellarri "Bordeaux" 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Necklace

From Bellarri's "Bordeaux" necklace, these are as rare as it gets. In 5+ years of selling Bellarri we've only had two necklaces from this collection and this is #2.

Please note that these are intended to wear up on the neck, as you'd expect, but our mannequin bust doesn't always cooperate for these photo sessions so in the pictures the necklace looks like it drapes down into the bust line but it actually sits up properly on the chest.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold multi-strand, multi-level rope link design with beautiful and detailed texture to every single link. Spread across the four strands, in staggered lengths, some extending between only two strands and some extending across the entire width of the necklace, are settings of natural earth-mined citrine, iolite, blue topaz, green tourmaline, amethyst and rhodolite garnet in faceted cylindrical cuts with diamond caps and cabochon ends that match (topaz settings have topaz cabochons, amethyst settings have amethyst cabochons, etc.).

At the clasp you have more diamonds and more natural gemstones of every possible color - how often do you see creations where the clasp is every bit as ornate and beautiful as the rest of the necklace?

And draping down from one side are 4 more link strands decorated with the same variety of natural gemstones but in a multitude of shapes and cuts. From trillion London blue topaz to pear cut peridot to diamond-shaped iolite to marquise garnet to Madeira citrine hearts, these 4 strands boast from 2 gems to 8 gems, shortest strand to longest strand. In addition to all the diamonds decorating the cylindrical settings across the entire necklace there are more white diamonds set in cylindrical settings along these draping strands.

Total colored gemstone count is 26.85 carats and the total diamond count is 99 points - almost a full carat.

In terms of sizing this will fit at the base of a 15.5" neck with minimal drape (Dawn has a 14" neck and the drape is about 1.5" from bottom of neck to top of uppermost strand). On a 16" neck this would fit more like a choker, firm but not tight against the bottom of the neck. If your neck circumference, measured with a flexible ruler around the base of your throat where your neck meets your chest (known as the jugular notch - you can feel this little cutout with your fingers), is between 14" and 15.75" this will fall entirely on your chest without riding up on your neck.

Total weight is 54.0 grams. Retail was $19,100.